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How to achieve the best ROI from your WiFi investment?

Connectivity is a crucial work tool and WiFi has become the prime connectivity tool. Years ago WiFi started with a pure data connectivity approach. It has now evolved into a crucial business tool enabling all sorts of business driving and critical applications.


The world is at an inflection point, where Smart Devices (phones, tablets and laptops) are taking over as the predominant computing platform. While this can present various challenges from a wireless operations and management standpoint, it also opens up huge opportunities for business. Data connectivity over WiFi is a given but still today brings a lot of IT support challenges and bad user experiences driving operational expenses.


Next to standard connectivity Voice over WiFi has also become a common practice but this brings even more IT support & trouble shoot headaches.


If we want to increase the ROI of our WiFi investment we need to overcome the challenges that current WiFi deployments bring and add more business driving applications to the WiFi platform.


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Additional opportunities for WiFi through Bluetooth


In the past few years, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) has become a default standard on most Smart Devices and is now also integrated in most WLAN access points. This means that the vast majority of mobile computing platforms are location-ready but also that your WIFI architecture now also opens up additional connectivity opportunities. The more you integrate a mobile user’ location data with everything else you know about the user, the more personalized, valuable, and amazing the experience. With Bluetooth LE (BLE) now standard in all modern mobile devices (90% of all devices in 2018), and more people enabling Bluetooth (required to pick up beacon signals) to communicate with their wireless peripherals, BLE beaconing is moving from a nice-to-have to a must-have technology.


Real-time location services via WiFi


Implementing real-time location services (RTLS) offers multiple advantages:

  • The location of all inventory is known at all times, decreasing the possibility of loss, theft, or misplacing;
  • It helps to ensure preventative maintenance and inventory control;
  • It prevents the purchase of orders that would lead to over- or understocks. Historical analytics helps better forecast purchasing decisions and leads to cost savings.


Companies that can overcome the traditional challenges of WiFi deployments and that make smart use of the new opportunities around location tracking have a leg up on the competition. They can elevate the mobile experience, resulting in improved service, better user satisfaction, streamlined operations, and more. They can capitalize on this opportunity by offering high accuracy wireless indoor location services in a simple, seamless, and cost effective way.


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Improving the user experience of WiFi users


A positive user experience is crucial for the productivity and the sustained use of any business system or service. Therefore your organization’s success depends upon a timely and reliable access to these systems and services. The user edge, especially with wireless, is one of the most dynamic and complex service surfaces for IT teams to manage.


The user experience of an application depends on multiple variables. Some of these variables are beyond control, while many are predictable and manageable. Correlating all WiFi variables in real-time is a highly complex and challenging task. It is even more difficult when done retrospectively. Luckily Machine Learning can surface anomalies and errors in this task through the processing of the right data that are proactively and continuously sampled. It is even able to prescribe or take remedial actions so service level expectations (SLE) are achieved.


Leverage your employees’ strengths via proactive support


Your people are your greatest asset. They are empowered by the devices and digital networks that enable them to work, collaborate, and provide services. Seamless and secure connectivity is the fuel that powers these interactions. When connectivity and systems fail, the skills and costs required to troubleshoot them are unevenly distributed.

AI and ML (Machine Learning) can solve and streamline traditional challenges like troubleshooting (WiFi) networks, all while removing toil.


This frees up human talent for higher-order creative problems. By unlocking this extra cognitive capacity in individuals and teams, groups can be more forward-looking and proactive.


Real-time Location Services (RTLS) with BLE technology


While the use cases for Bluetooth LE are compelling, historically it has been a challenge to deploy and operate large BLE networks in a cost-effective way. That is because the beaconing technology to date requires battery powered devices (i.e. transmitters). This creates several challenges around site survey’s, deployment cost, battery maintenance, operational cost, aesthetics, etc…


How you can empower your WiFi investment


Juniper Mist BLE technology integration


Mist provides the first enterprise-grade BLE technology to make location-aware experiences deployable and manageable at scale. Enterprises can add or move beacons anywhere in their venues with a click of a button. Marketers can create new campaigns overnight that leverage the following functionality:

  • Identification and personalization
  • Location tracking of assets
  • Location tracking of people
  • Push notifications
  • Analytics
  • ….


The Blyott RTLS Solution


Juniper Mist and Blyott RTLS combine unique technologies for WiFi and Real-Time location services. Together they set a new standard for location-based tracking and monitoring:

  • A WiFi solution that is managed and optimized from the user perspective
  • A WiFi solution that combines the best WiFi and BLE connectivity
  • An accurate RTLS solution using your WiFi/BLE infrastructure without the need for an additional overlay network
  • BLE tags with 5 year battery power guaranteed
  • Integration with your business apps with location accuracy according to your business needs


The Juniper Networks Enterprise at Home Solution


By combining Mist Wi-Fi and Mist Edge with Juniper® Connected Security, organizations can extend the AI-driven Enterprise into employee homes to provide the necessary level of protection. With the Juniper Networks® Enterprise at Home solution, organizations can deploy Juniper security hardware and Mist Wi-Fi access points using zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) to roll out managed networking equipment without requiring a visit from a technician. Juniper’s cloud-based management solution provides the scalability to meet the needs of even the largest deployments.


Juniper Mist Marvis AI Engine


Our Virtual Network Assistant (VNA), Marvis, is the digital network expert that supports your own team of network experts—network administrators, site reliability engineers (SREs), or anyone based in network operations centers (NOC). Marvis is the first network assistant in the industry to bring conversational AI to networking, transforming the way IT teams interact and engage with enterprise networks. In the era of AIOps, Marvis delivers streamlined operations, simplified troubleshooting and remarkable user experiences.


Marvis is the one stop shop for IT teams to understand the state of the network. They no longer have to memorize CLI commands or know which dashboards contain the relevant information. When the answers are available at your fingertips, it significantly transforms the way IT teams experience and interact with the network.


Marvis Actions is about driving operational simplicity and transforming IT to go from reactive troubleshooting to proactive remediation. It offers a “morning cup of coffee” view which brings visibility into high impact network issues at an organization level so that administrators know exactly what they need to prioritize and focus on for the day. As sites get added, Marvis Actions scales with ease as no additional actions are required from the user.


Marvis automates troubleshooting and support so IT teams can get to shorter mean time to resolution and faster mean time to innocence. It presents a comprehensive network view with user, client and device insights, eliminating the need to pull up multiple dashboards or memorize CLI commands. Marvis is an extension of the IT team—it combs through data and logs to determine root causes and provides answers in real time with high efficacy. Read the Transports Vervaeke case here.


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