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Lunch & Learn: “Inner workings of a modern-day SOC”

Join us on Thursday the 16th of November in Antwerp – Zilte- One Eighty MAS

Join our lunch & learn

Join us for an exclusive lunch and learn at ‘t Zilte-One Eighty where our distinguished butler JARVISS will be at your service, providing not only a unique experience but also an educational one.

Event details

Agenda – 16/11/2023

11:30 AM – 12:10 PM: Arrival and aperitif

12:10 PM – 14:30 PM: Lunch and presentations

3:00 PM: Expected end

Keynote speakers

Keynote 1 by Joris Vanhecke:

How did Palo Alto Networks organize their internal SOC and did it impact their offering to the market?

Palo Alto Networks, a global Cybersecurity company with +14.000 employees, have an internal SOC that operates on a single shift during standard business hours with a lean crew.

How is it possible that the rest of the world seems to think a SOC needs dozens of specialized security specialists looking on to screens 24×7 in a secured bunker while one of the biggest Cybersecurity companies in the world seems to manage in a very lean way?

Keynote 2 by Luk Schoonaert:

The journey of building a SOC.

Luk Schoonaert, former CISO of a global cybersecurity distributor where he has build the SOC with all the tools needed to Secure an international environment, will talk us through the journey of building a SOC and the pitfalls during the journey:

  • Why is a SOC relevant – internal or as a service – ?
  • How does fit in your broader Cyber security strategy?
  • What are the risks of building your own SOC versus taking a SOC as a Service?

Keynote 3 by Wim De Smet:

The Jarviss ManagedXDR offering is drastically different to a traditional SOC offering

For the last 2 years Jarviss has heavily invested in building a more effective and efficient alternative to the traditional SOC’s using AI and Automation.

Both concepts have drastically changed our approach to cybersecurity with a huge benefit in incident detection and response.

Not only will we talk you through our ManagedXDR offering, we will show you how it works with a concrete demo that immediately demonstrates applicability in your organization.

Event location

At One Eighty, they bring you healthy and contemporary cuisine coordinated by Viki Geunes – ‘t Zilte.

Hanzestedenplaats 5, 2000 Antwerpen

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Event location

Hanzestedenplaats 5, 2000 Antwerpen

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