What we do

Our solutions for your IT & OT CyberSecurity needs

CyberSecurity has become a total social responsibility. The 4th industrial revolution highlights this even more: everything and everyone is connected. This step in the industrial revolution brings new challenges and risks for IT. What can you expect from Jarviss in these turbulent times?

Three general promises

Our solutions for your Network, IT & OT CyberSecurity needs

While awareness of CyberSecurity for data protection and IT management software has increased in recent years, there is still a long way to go in regards to IoT, MIoT & OT Security. Medical equipment, facility systems (HVAC, fire, alarm, …) and general production components (Scada, PLC, …) are connected to the admin network and sometimes to the Internet in order to increase efficiency. Identifying, managing and securing such components is essential to bringing your Security to the right level

Protecting your core infrastructure

The core of any digital strategy, including Smart Hospitals, Cities, Logistics and Industries, is connectivity and the connected network infrastructure. Interruptions in connectivity can cripple your infrastructure and affect your business and/or society. Jarviss helps you by protecting this core infrastructure against any impact that could destabilise the continuity of your core activities.

Delivering maximum continuity

Our technical solutions are based on (innovative) principles that guarantee maximum continuity: AI-driven, Cloud native, scalability, automation and open standards. Jarviss believes that artificial intelligence will dramatically change the way we secure, manage and build digital infrastructures. True artificial intelligence will help alleviate the complexity of keeping a connectivity platform available at all times.

Our Solutions

Mission critical infrastructure

Networks will only become more complex and the number of network ports will also increase. A local area network (LAN/WLAN) is no longer bounded by specific locations, buildings or campuses. Users and devices expect the same, and even more an excellent, ‘user experience’–– regardless of time, type of device or location (local, remote, in the cloud).


For companies where the protection and availability of data is vital, networks and connectivity are an equally important aspect. The network should always be available.


Jarviss provides the necessary solutions and services for the above challenges in the form of mission critical infrastructures. They contain the necessary innovation but also the simplicity needed to provide users with the most ideal ‘user experience’, regardless of the type of device, location or time of day. Always with the necessary availability, performance and safety.

AI Driven CyberSecurity

The time when firewalls and antivirus solutions made the difference in protecting your assets and data is over. Just the widespread use of cloud solutions and the massive introduction of all leading (medical) IoT devices obliges us to approach CyberSecurity in a different way. An adequate cybersecurity implementation needs identity management, cloud security and asset discovery and enforcement solutions.


With these tools Jarviss brings your CyberSecurity to the right level in order to protect your assets, data & processes.

OT security in Industry 4.0

The advance of industry 4.0 brings with it even more connected devices and associated data. Where previously OT networks were completely separated, a connection to other networks and the internet can no longer be stopped. This means that all the threats to the internet that have plagued the IT network for years now are also a problem for the production (OT) network.


Not only production processes are sensitive to this, but the problem is also present in the hospital sector, just think of all IP-connected medical devices in the hospital sector or in our ‘Digital or Smart Cities’. The solutions that are handy in classic IT environments are only possible to a limited extent in OT environments.


Based on specific frameworks and standards (ISA/IEC 62443), Jarviss implements technology that provides OT security in Industry 4.0.

Customer centric services

To ensure continuity with our customers, choosing the way Jarviss provides maintenance and support is just as important as choosing the right technology partners. Our support model stands for flexibility, speed and expertise.  This translates into elevated partner statuses, and Jarviss employee expertise; it is complemented by local vendor support, a fix-first mentality, a flexible support model with guaranteed SLAs and a pay-as-you-use principle.


As a customer, you can choose which service best suits your needs. From standard remote support and troubleshooting services to extensive operationally managed services with different SLAs. Jarviss has an extensive service model available for you.