Jarviss café

Jarviss Café

Jarviss invites you to the FUN part of Cybersecurity & Networking


Date: to be announced


No boring keynotes. In fact just an informal moment to catch up with your peers.


Your next go to networking event Jarviss café. The goal of this event is having a fun time and getting to know people in IoT, IT & OT.


Join us for a drink for the first edition of Jarviss café.

Why Jarviss café


Knowing each other is trusting each other.

Cybersecurity = Zero trust, but TRUST in your Cybersecurity partner
Trust in Cybersecurity partner = Trust in employees Jarviss
Trust in employees Jarviss = getting to know each other ‘personally’
Getting to know each other ‘personally’ = providing on ‘fun’ platform for ‘extra’-professional conversations.





Do you have any questions about Jarviss or this event?

Send an email to  info@jarviss.be

Location: to be announced

Location: to be announced