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La Villa Lorraine (**)

Chef Mattagne – Brussels.


Lunch & Learn CloudSecurity

27 October 2022 | 12u00 – 15u00


Our ways of working have changed drastically over the last decade. With the cloudification of our environments comes the need to rethink our traditional security strategies. When your users and your assets are out there, shouldn’t they deserve the same care and attention as everything onpremise?


In this event we will explain how Jarviss, Silverfort and Palo Alto can bring added value to build a safer environment for your company onpremise, hybrid & in the cloud.



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The different challenges between cloud security & on premise Cyber security.


By Kevin Thys – Senior consultant Jarviss


Almost every organization has adopted cloud computing to varying degrees within their business. However, with this adoption of the cloud comes an extra challenge of extending the cyber security on promise strategy to the cloud and cloud security needs a different approach and different considerations then your traditional cyber security strategy.


Responsibility, misconfigurations, insecure API’s, compliancy, resource hijacking, … all elements that need rethinking in a cloud security strategy.


Learn about the key differences between on premise & cloud security in this Jarviss session.



Unified risk analysis across cloud & hybrid environments.


By Davy De Mits – Senior consultant Silverfort


According to the Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report, 61 percent of breaches are attributed to compromised credentials, which is the primary means by which hackers access sensitive data.


Detecting risky authentication and access requests across hybrid and cloud environments requires a unified approach that can span multiple identity providers and data silos.


Learn how Silverfort can help managing & protecting your identities onpremise, hybrid & in the cloud.


Take control of your cloud attack surface.


By Jesper Bork Olsen – Chief Security Officer (NEUR) at Palo Alto Networks


Attack surfaces have been irrevocably altered in recent years. The traditional view of an attack surface has imploded with the rise of remote work and digital transformation into the cloud, and so the view of attack surface management must also change to meet these challenges.


Modern attack surfaces are constantly moving, changing, shifting, and growing more complex. The idea that cybersecurity teams can track these changes manually isn’t just wishful thinking; it’s dangerous.


Staff and work are distributed geographically, new cloud assets can be generated in seconds, and organizations are far more connected to third-party partners who could increase risks. New assets are often connected to the internet by default, and the idea of isolating needs to be an active decision.


This means that a change in configuration or general asset leak can lead to unknown assets putting organizations at risk if organizations aren’t constantly monitoring.


In this session you will learn how to manage your attack surface in the new era and how Palo Alto Networks can support you in that journey.


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    La Vila Lorraine (**)
    Avenue du Vivier d’Oie 75
    1000 Brussel




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    Review by Michelin guide:


    “The sophisticated La Villa Lorraine is the kind of restaurant you would expect to find in London or Paris. In fact, this old glory has been completely renovated, and what a result! You enter through the lounge where a variety of dishes – often Asian-inspired – can be shared. At the elegant counter, dishes are occasionally finished. Sliding through, you enter the restaurant. Luxurious, mundane, designer, fashionable: this establishment has style.


    The experienced Yves Mattagne lets his experience speak for itself here. His love for high-quality products like lobster and anchovy pigeon is reflected in processed, extremely fine preparations. Langoustine, for example, is flambéed at the table with sake – table preparations are often part of the experience here – and you must mix it yourself with fried foie gras, ice of shiso and a cold spicy gravy. This is chef Mattagne’s trademark: flavor bombs that are also highly nuanced. No needless playfulness, but depth. Intense flavors. By the way, he brought his lobster press and some Sea Grill classics, such as his red tuna americain. Chef Mattagne does not forget his past, but continues to evolve. La Villa Lorraine is the place to be!”


    Fait divers: La Villa Lorraine was the first ever non-French restaurant to receive a 3 star review by Michelin in 1972.