Jarviss lunch & learn (M)IoT & OT Security

Sensum Gent


Securing the OT & (M)IoT part of your organization.

22 March 2023 | 11u30 – 15u00


Your organization is increasingly using IoT devices to improve efficiency and automation. But these devices are prone to hackers that want to disrupt your critical systems. The growing network of these devices presents significant cybersecurity risks. How are you handling this challenge?


Securing OT & (M)IoT environments is different from traditional cybersecurity: threat landscape, requirements, regulations, available functionality… We must consider the unique characteristics and vulnerabilities of each device, whilst securing the devices at a hardware level, implementing security protocols, and monitoring the devices for unusual activity.


Join us for interesting discussions and networking opportunities with industry leaders and peers.



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An example strategy to handle IoT & OT challenges, presented by Port of Antwerp-Bruges.


By Yannick Herrebaut – Cyber Resilience Manager at Port of Antwerp-Bruges


Yannick will explain the challenges the Port of Antwerp has in regard to IoT & OT within the PoA digital environment and what their strategy is to overcome this challenge.

The State of Cyberwarfare, presented by Armis.


By Lars Hermind – Regional Director Northern Europe at Armis


Armis, the leading asset visibility and security company, has conducted a study which highlights global IT and security professionals’ sentiment on cyberwarfare. The study shares sentiment from more than 6,000 global respondents across multiple industries, including healthcare, critical infrastructure, retail, supply chain and logistics, and more.


Lars Hermind, Regional Director for Armis Northern Europe will walk you through the results and relate them to recent and future development in cyber security.

XDR:  extend, enrich and connect your trusted security & IT solutions to maximize the value and efficiency of your SOC, presented by SentinelOne


By  Christof Jacques –  Security engineer at SentinelOne


As cyber attacks are becoming more complex and advanced, companies cannot continue to purchase isolated security solutions. The existing and new security solutions should work together as one integrated and efficient tool in a well-functioning eco-system.  An eco-system that ingests data from the different sources which is fed back into one single platform that interprets, enriches and put data into context. XDR of SentinelOne does exactly that.


Listen to our 20-minute story to experience how we have helped different organizations with this solution and become more cyber resilient.


Turn the tables on OT and IoT attackers, presented by Vectra


By Stijn Rommens – Director Security Engineering at Vectra


In an IT and OT world, attackers are bypassing prevention controls, infiltrating, compromising credentials, gaining privileged access, moving laterally and exfiltrating sensitive corporate data.


They do this through means of credential phishing, breaching existing IT applications, committing supply chain attacks, amongst others — all undetected.


Organizations don’t know what they don’t know… Let’s turn the tables!


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