Leverage your network infrastructure

White paper

As the strategic importance of IT increases, its budget is shrinking. Driven by this, organizations look for solutions that let them become pro-active and automate their network activities in an intelligent way. By doing this, downtime is mitigated and the need for human intervention is reduced. This helps organizations to deploy their IT staff for more high-value IT tasks.


Jarviss has built a complete connectivity solution to automate, business-facilitate and secure your connectivity by combining Juniper Mist, Blyott and Wiflex into 1 solution.

Want to know how this can be applied at your organization? Jarviss offers you a free white paper on how to leverage your network infrastructure.


  • How AI can help manage and optimize your IT network
  • How to easy onboard mass volume of BYOD devices & visitors
  • How to increase IT user engagement
  • How to bring location based tracking & monitoring to the next level


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