Mission Critical Infrastructure


  • Networks will become more complex
  • Users and devices expect the same ‘user experience’
  • Business continuity is equally important to data integrity

AI Driven


  • Widespread use of cloud solutions
  • Massive introduction of all leading (medical) IoT devices
  • A different approach to CyberSecurity is needed




  • OT networks are no longer isolated and more connected
  • OT networks are now also exposed to known IT threat
  • Classic IT solutions usually don’t work for OT environments

Cloud Native Platforms

Cloud solutions inherently have tremendous power and added value due to the unlimited volume of data & computing power. We leverage this power throughout our entire technical portfolio by selecting solutions that are as cloud native as possible.

The right solutions and services for specific needs

Jarviss wants to bridge the gap between OT and IT with solutions that meet the needs of both worlds. We propose carefully selected solutions that take into account the latest evolutionary developments.

Rapid on-site support for critical infrastructures

Jarviss is not a distant friend, we are always on standby for immediate support. A problem with your OT & IT security? ‘Fix first, ask later’ Jarviss is in life. Count on discrete, personal and intelligent service.

Network & CyberSecurity 'pay as you use' services

Jarviss enables you to build, secure and maintain critical infrastructures for society in the best possible way. This is done with a passion for and focus on ‘best of breed’ technology and optimizing customer efficiency with a ‘pay as u use’ service.

Tailor-made solutions

First, we listen to you. Because no two companies are the same, their CyberSecurity needs can strongly differ. With a passion and focus on best of breed technology, we provide you with customised solutions for your business.

Towards a human OT & IT ecosystem

Jarviss believes in the power of artificial intelligence. We also believe in people. This is why Jarviss fosters long-term personal relationships with customers, suppliers and partners within the OT & IT ecosystem.