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Trust experts to manage your network and security.

Jarviss managed services protects your investments knowing that your infrastructure is optimized for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Our Managed Services

3 different managed services, tailored to your business objectives.

Managed Operations

We unburden you from any infrastructure and operational management.

  • 8×5 / 12×6 / 24×7
  • Service restoration
  • Onsite intervention
  • Remote monitoring
  • Incident management
  • Change management
  • Service management
  • Configuration backup

Managed XDR

Combines the best security automation and orchestration platform with highly skilled experts.

  • 24×7
  • Automated Managed detection and response
  • Security analytics, actionable response
  • Incident management
  • Recurring security reporting
  • Automated attack and breach simulation

Managed Automation

Avoid repetitive processes with playbook driven automation.

  • Jarviss Managed SOAR engine
  • Orchestration
  • Automation
  • Response

Our Traditional Support Services

Supporting you in managing and securing your infrastructure.


  • 8×5 / 12×6 / 24×7
  • Remote support & troubleshooting


  • RTF / NBD
  • 8×5 / 12×6 / 24×7
  • Hardware replacement
  • Service restoration
  • Onsite intervention


  • 8×5
  • best practice assesment
  • Recurring config. & architecture feedback


  • 8×5 / 12×6
  • Remote changes

Do you have a unique business case? Or specific requirements to support and manage your secure infrastructure?

All Jarviss services focus on maximizing the use of your infrastructure. Flexibility is key. That also applies to the different pricing models, choose pay-as-you-go or fixed pricing.

They already built their security and network strategy with Jarviss.

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