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Blyott real-time location solution

The times where WIFI just was used for data connectivity are long gone. WIFI is the prime network connectivity infrastructure supporting a variety of mission critical business applications and services. The wide spread of access points across different locations in your organization and the combined use of different RF standards and BLE technology makes it the ideal platform for real-time location solutions. Juniper Mist is the ideal LBS platform with its extensive WIFI and BLE integration, however, Mist only provides the connectivity platform and AI driven location coordinates but the business application still needs to be created. This is where Blyott brings true value as RTLS technology with Bluetooth sensors having up to 5 years lifetime, a cloud platform for onboarding and monitoring, as well as Blyott’s web and mobile API’s connecting to customer platforms. The combined solution of Juniper Mist and Blyott LBS answers to use cases like person and asset localization, monitoring of environmental and medical parameters, predictive maintenance and so much more…

Today Blyott is focused primary on healthcare but a bright future lies ahead for use cases in industry, warehousing & logistics.

On April 21 Jarviss will host a lunch and learn webinar on the Juniper Mist – Blyott solution.

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About Blyott

Blyott is a machine learning and modular real-time location system (RTLS) setting the new standard in location based tracking and monitoring. It gives (healthcare) organizations remote insights into their assets and can lead to big savings and happy staff.

About Jarviss

Jarviss believes that a disruption of the digital world would have a critical and possibly very personal impact on our lives. He believes this impact would not only be limited to business processes but would disrupt our environment and security, having a direct impact on everything and everyone we love.
Evolutions such as artificial intelligence, IoT, Cloud, blockchain, automation and many others are pushing the digital revolution forward with ever-increasing speed and complexity. It is becoming clear that the continuity of businesses, organizations and, in fact, our entire society is becoming 100% dependent on the underlying technological infrastructure and network security.
With a passion and focus on best of breed technology, tailor made pay as you use services, a personal approach and local direct touch, Jarviss supports you as a key customer in building, securing and maintaining society critical infrastructures.

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About Jarviss

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