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Jarviss has a portfolio of best of breed and platform solutions in CyberSecurity. Within our best of breed stack we have added F5 Networks as a key component, offering cloud security and application delivery and protection solutions.

By incorporating F5’s solutions, Jarviss enhances its ability to secure applications across both on-premises and cloud environments, addressing the growing complexity of cyber threats. This collaboration ensures that Jarviss’s clients benefit from a robust, multi-layered security approach, which is critical for safeguarding digital assets in today’s dynamic cyber landscape.

Adding Application Security to our Managed Detection & Response Service

The Jarviss Managed XDR service is a comprehensive 24×7 cybersecurity detection and response service leveraging AI XDR and SOAR technologies. It offers automated detection of incidents, enrichment with security information, classification of incidents for prioritization, automated response actions, and continuous cyber maturity monitoring.

Until now the Jarviss ManagedXDR service focussed on capturing and responding to incidents from endpoints, networks and identities. With F5 networks we are now also capable of capturing application related security incidents by using F5 API integration capabilities within our SOAR platform.

By integrating applications into the ManagedXDR service, organizations can benefit from enhanced visibility into application-level threats, more comprehensive threat detection across their technology stack, and the ability to respond more effectively to incidents that impact critical business applications.

This holistic approach ensures that security measures cover the full spectrum of potential attack vectors, providing a more robust defense against cyber threats.

Jarviss capabilities for F5 Networks

Jarviss already has several engineers with the highest certification and experience in the field of F5 networks. Additionally, we will announce additional hires in the next couple of weeks. As for all technologies within our stack, we strive for the highest certification.

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