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The Juniper Partner Assurance is a new designation under the Juniper Partner Advantage program which further differentiates Juniper Partners who have developed mature, scalable Juniper practices and have been assessed and validated by an expert third-party organization.

Juniper hand-selects partners who consistently elevate the customer experience to new heights. With the Partner Assured designation, we are recognized and validated for our superior capabilities in managing the entire Juniper product lifecycle.

What does it mean to be Partner Assured?

Here is a breakdown of the benefits for you as a Jarviss customer:

  • Advanced in Juniper Practice: Being Partner Assured signifies a proven track record of success. Gain access to specialized industry training and collaborative
    planning sessions with Juniper, enhancing your solution knowledge and market competitiveness.
  • Dedicated to your long-term success: This represents a commitment that helps you build and nurture long-lasting relationships with you and Jarviss, ensuring mutual growth, prosperity, and satisfaction.
  • Complete Lifecycle Management: We possess comprehensive skill sets across design, deployment, and operational delivery, meeting customer demands at every stage. Offering customers complete lifecycle management.
  • Independently Validated Excellence: Our skills, solutions, and approach are independently certified by external verification bodies. The Partner Assured stamp of approval assures you can expect quality and reliability.
  • Making Every Connection count: We are continually strengthening our AI and technology expertise through increased resources to deliver speed, scale, and value directly to you.

Completing this assessment not only signifies our capabilities, but also our continued investment to enhance our offerings and elevate our performance in the market. This Partner Assurance designation, further solidifying our partnership and paving the way for mutual success between Juniper Networks, Jarviss and Jarviss customers.

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